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Launching our New Website (www.osigolf.com)

I am excited to announce that Odyssey Solutions LLC has formed OSI Golf (www.osigolf.com) to solely focus on the development, manufacturing and sales of our innovative golf training aids. Over the past couple of years we have spent countless hours designing and launching out golf training products to the market. We now feel that the OSI Golf brand will stand alone and continue to grow our business for the many years to come.

The decision to re-brand the company was based on two points

1) Some confusion with our company and the company that manufacturers golf putters; Odyssey Golf

2) Shorter domain with a modernized web presence allows us to rank higher in the search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

OSI Golf | The Golf Training Aid Marketplace for Odyssey Solutions

The New OSI Golf Logo

Simultaneously, we spent a good amount of resources on product photography to capture not just the products themselves but, to also see them in action. After all a golf training aid sells it self if it clearly illustrates how it works and the benefits.

Here are a sample of the great photos…

WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Apparatus Impact

Impact Shot

WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Apparatus Image


WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Apparatus

WrisTRAINER Swing Sequence

Finally, I wanted to share with you all the images of the products themselves…

BanditGrip Golf Grip Enhancer Black


BanditGrip Golf Grip Enhancer White


TempoTRAINER Weight Golf Swing Aid


WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Support


Come and check us out at www.osigolf.com for more information. You can also follow-us on Twitter @osigolfco

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Creating HD Video Using Avid Studio

So I wanted to create a couple of YouTube videos for products we manufacture; WrisTRAINER, TempoTRAINER and BanditGrip. I definitely wanted the videos to be in 1080p HD format and I didn’t want to have any issues with the format conversions. The camera I am using is the Panasonic HDC-TM900 which is a very good quality prosumer HD camera. The standard video format it records (and most cameras nowadays for that matter) is the AVCHD. The computer I am running is a 2011 Power Mac with partitioned Windows environment using Parallels 7 for Mac. This allowed me the option of finding a program for video editing on either the Windows or Mac platform. My first choice would have been the cheap option of using iMovie. The issue with i Movie is that it will not allow direct uploading of AVCHD without first being converted into MPEG-4 or other format that is compatible. This was the same problem with the more pricey Final Cut Pro (which by the way is not sold in stores anymore, only on iTunes). The Mac options were pretty much limited so I then sought out the Windows options. After much research and hundreds of reviews, it appeared that Avid Studio would be the best possible software for my case and at $179 it was a fraction of the cost of Final Cut Pro.

So, once the video was all shot in various clips, I now needed to upload to the computer and begin with the editing process. Avid is a very easy to use software and with the various forums and YouTube tutorials, getting started took me just a few minutes. The following will hopefully help you in getting your HD videos to YouTube, Vimeo, etc,…

Loading the Video Files to Your Computer Through Avid Studio

How to Load the Video Files to Avid

Find the drive where the files are located (Camera or removable media)…

Selecting the Correct Video Clips in Avid Studio

Unselect all… then select the specific clips you would like to load then click Start Upload button at the bottom

Creating Your HD Video Using Selected Clips

HD Video Clips in Import Library in Avid Studio

You will notice then selected clips are now located in the Latest Import section…

Creating the Movie in Avid Studio

Now, click the Movie tab at the top and you will see the multi-track timeline shown here with the files you uploaded before

Selecting Your First HD Video Clip to the Timeline

Click the first clip you would like to add to the timeline and drag while holding the mouse button until you place it in the A/V track at the beginning of the movie 00:00:00….

Customizing Your Video Using Titles and Music

Creating Title Slides Using Avid Studio

To create a title slide simply click the T symbol in the lower half of the screen to the left side as shown above

Selecting Your Title Slide Using Avid Studio

Once the title slide is created, it will be stored in the Title Library as shown above. Note, I have create a number of slides for various phases in the movie including; introduction, name and position titles, speaking points and contact information…

Adding Songs or Sound Effects to Your Movie is Easy

To add songs to your movie simply select the music symbol on the lower half of the screen next to the Title button. Here you can add stock music, sounds and custom songs in standard formats (Mp3 among others)…

Selecting Your Favorite Music

You will notice the pre-installed songs that come with the software. You can also load any songs of your choice and even audio tracks of voices or sound effects too…

Clearly, I have left out a lot here about trimming your clips and making transitions between scenes but, if you would like me to send you more information please send me comment and I would be glad to help.

Finalizing the Video and Loading to YouTube

Exporting the Video to YouTube is Very Easy

To export the finished product, go to the top of the screen and select Export… as shown above

Selecting the File Format and Where it Will be Loaded

Here you can select to export to a file, disc or to the web. For this case, we will select the web option and this will default to YouTube. Clearly you will need to have setup ahead of time the YouTube account before. You can also select the file format and resolution. For this project I went with 1080p HD

Exporting the Video File

Once you are ready to export, select the Start Export button at the bottom of the screen.

Prior to hitting the Start Export button you can see the expected amount time and memory the conversion will take. Usually for a 5 minute video it might take about 20 minutes to fully load to YouTube. In a matter of minutes, your newly created project will be loaded into YouTube and viewed by the masses. I wish you all the best of luck in your video ventures and if you are interested in the final products of my videos click below…

YouTube Videos for Odyssey Solutions

WrisTRAINER Video http://youtu.be/oP8liW2W9Vw

TempoTRAINER Video http://youtu.be/iCbiFEh25kg

BanditGrip Video http://youtu.be/vhR4ExC9glQ

Thank you for reading my blog.

Sean Yakeley


Odyssey Solutions


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Now Introducing the All New BanditGrip

We are proud to be representing a loyal clients golf training aid exclusively on our website.

The BanditGrip is a patent-pending, golf training aid that is designed to help address the problems associated with improper golf grip pressure. The simple yet effective design is worn on the users glove hand and slid onto the middle finger. Once in place, the BanditGrip is wrapped around the golf grip and rolled snug. The fingers are then placed in the same manner onto the shaft as normal. The result is a much firmer grip onto the shaft without the excess pressure usually required. This allows for the feel of the golf shot to come through to the user and ultimately lead to straighter shots.

Come take a look for more information at: www.odyssey-solutions.net or purchase them online at our secured website: http://shop.odyssey.solutions.net




Sean Yakeley

Golf Grip Enhancer

Bandit Grip Information

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New Shopping Cart Added to Odyssey Website

Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to provide you with an update on our website development. We have recently re-launched out shopping cart thanks to helpful folks at Volusion. We are now offering a multitude of products for sale including; WrisTRAINER, TempoTRAINER, BanditGrip, MagKLIP and signature clothing. We urge you to come check out the new site at http://shop.odyssey-solutions.net

We have also added a lot of functionality to our main website so please come by and visit.


Thanks for the patronage.

Sean Yakeley

Golf Training Aid Marketplace

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