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Looking to Improve Your Golf Swing Tempo and Clubhead Speed?

Have you ever arrived to the golf course and you are just about to tee up yet you know that you haven’t taken any time to warm up and get your tempo down? Well that is the case most of the time for me, in an ideal world we would all have a good hour to practice at the range before stepping up to hit our first shot. But, we all are busy and cannot always afford to allocate this time, maybe we are working, taking care of little ones or maybe just stuck in traffic. The two most beneficial aspects of practice prior to game play is warming up our muscles and refamiliarixing ourselves with our natural swing tempo. I wanted to create a product that would hit on both of these points yet require a fraction of the time to use. That is when I developed the TempoTRAINER. While the TempoTRAINER is based off of a standard steel golf shaft and rubberized grip, that is where the similarities end. I have incorporated a dynamic weight system to replace the normal clubhead. This weighted system will not only add weight to the product to help accelerate muscle acclimation but, the weighted sleeve is supported but a compression spring that opposes the outward motion of the sleeve. Why is this important you ask? Well getting back to the tempo portion of my argument I needed to solve the issue of accelerating the bodies memory to the point that the natural tempo can thrive. When the user swings the TempoTRAINER for the first time they will notice that the faster the club is swung the more the club will actually accelerate at the point of impact. This nothing more that some laws of Physics in action (literally). As the club is swung the weight wants to move away from the golfer and out towards the end of the club. As the weight compresses the spring, the center of gravity moves outward as well. This in turn causes the clubhead speed to increase at impact. In mere minutes of use the TempoTRAINER will transform the normal practice session into a brief swing that dramitically improves consistency. Find out more at www.tempotrainer.com

Purchase one today at the Odyssey Solutions Training Aid Marketplace

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