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Launching our New Website (www.osigolf.com)

I am excited to announce that Odyssey Solutions LLC has formed OSI Golf (www.osigolf.com) to solely focus on the development, manufacturing and sales of our innovative golf training aids. Over the past couple of years we have spent countless hours designing and launching out golf training products to the market. We now feel that the OSI Golf brand will stand alone and continue to grow our business for the many years to come.

The decision to re-brand the company was based on two points

1) Some confusion with our company and the company that manufacturers golf putters; Odyssey Golf

2) Shorter domain with a modernized web presence allows us to rank higher in the search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

OSI Golf | The Golf Training Aid Marketplace for Odyssey Solutions

The New OSI Golf Logo

Simultaneously, we spent a good amount of resources on product photography to capture not just the products themselves but, to also see them in action. After all a golf training aid sells it self if it clearly illustrates how it works and the benefits.

Here are a sample of the great photos…

WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Apparatus Impact

Impact Shot

WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Apparatus Image


WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Apparatus

WrisTRAINER Swing Sequence

Finally, I wanted to share with you all the images of the products themselves…

BanditGrip Golf Grip Enhancer Black


BanditGrip Golf Grip Enhancer White


TempoTRAINER Weight Golf Swing Aid


WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Wrist Support


Come and check us out at www.osigolf.com for more information. You can also follow-us on Twitter @osigolfco

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Are You Tired of Inconsistent Golf Shots and The Frustration of Not Hitting the Ball Straight?

Like most golfers I was frustrated by the hours of practice required to improve my golf game. Even after all of the time and energy I had comitted to the game, I just wasn’t getting over the hump of being able to hit consistent golf shots, straight. That is when I realized that the most critical factor a straight golf shot was having the club face completely flat or perpendicular to the desired path. Seems pretty obvious I know but there was more to this then just the clubface. I noticed that since my body was rotating at a pretty fast speed around the axis of my body, my wrists would often be in front of the clubhead at impact so much su that the clubface would be left open, resulting in the ball firing off target to the right (slice). I then looked at all the golfers at the driving range and even the best ones had encountered this problem at some point in their practice session. What could I do to ensure my wrists were completing in harmony with the clubhead at impact? I decided to invent the WrisTRAINER. The WrisTRAINER is a reinforced composite wrist support that is worn by the golfer on the top of his/her lead wrist. I designed a universal product that could be worn by either left or right handed golfers. The WrisTRAINER is installed onto the wrist with the use of two adjustable straps. The straps are very comfortable and made of a elastic material that not only keep the product in-place but made it for a truly non-invasive feel that golfers are after. I also added a EVA foam padding to the underside of the insert to give additional comfort as well as allow for the wicking of sweat during usage. I urge any golfer interested in hearing more to visit my website for more information.

Purchase one today at the Odyssey Solutions Golf Training Aid Marketplace

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